Sniper Tactical

Sniper Tactical

Sniper Tactical is a clever game by fragOut Studio, combining shooter and puzzle elements. The gameplay revolves around shooting enemies and bringing hostages to safe-zones.

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Game rules

You are a sniper who brings death from afar. You are sent in to take out the bad guys and help your people on the ground. Clear the path for them, bearing your own safety in mind.

Hostages will move after you fire a shot so delivering accurate shots on the enemy targets is not optional! Act quickly or slowly - depending on the situation.


  • excel in your aiming skills, overcoming weapon sway and score more points for headshots
  • save hostages in several differently themed levels
  • deal with different types of enemy behavior
  • use different techniques to conceal and protect yourself or the hostages

  • customize your loadout by upgrading weapons, their attachments and other equipment

  • use power-ups such as Grenades or Bullet Time mode to take out more enemies within one turn



Special Thanks

  1. Benoit Malis - music
  2. Ryan Baldwin - sounds